Unlocking the Secrets to Improved Productivity and Effectiveness

Lingford Consulting provides specialised training and coaching programs aimed at improving the productivity of people and the overall effectiveness of teams. We are the personal productivity training and time management training specialists.


Our training and coaching programs provide our clients with incredibly practical strategies that help people better manage their workloads and improve their performance.


Many organisations are undergoing a rapid digital transformation which is truly changing the way people work. Organisations are increasingly adopting modern office productivity tools and technology. They are introducing activity-based working, encouraging collaborative work-spaces and allowing for remote working.


Our productivity training programs help people, teams and organisations grasp the modern office productivity challenge.


We work with: 

  • Individuals to improve their productivity and
  • Teams so they work more effectively.


Productivity Training in Local GovernmentLGPro Logo

We work extensively within the Victorian Local Government sector as a personal productivity training provider of choice. We understand Local Government and it’s diverse needs.

We’ve been a Corporate Partner with LGPro Vic for more than 10 years.


We also work with many state and federal government organisations, community services organisations, health and educational institutions, large corporate as well as small to medium enterprises.


Myer Briggs Team Building

Myers Briggs MBTI Team Building

Our Myers Briggs Team Building programs have been highly effective in improving both personal and interpersonal awareness within teams leading to improved communication and team work for many of our clients.

We have obtained Silver Partner Status with the Myers Briggs Company for 2019

We can customise a program to suit your requirements.

Welcome to Lingford Consulting

Welcome to LCS – Geoff Prior

Our training and coaching programs at a glance


Productivity & Time Management Training


Our personal productivity training and time management training programs provide people and teams with highly practical skills that are easy to implement and help them manage their time and their workloads more effectively.

Myers Briggs Team Building – MBTI


Our Myers Briggs Team Building programs have been outstandingly successful in helping improve interpersonal communication within teams. We have many Myers Briggs (MBTI) Assessments and Reports we can utilise to help create more openness and trust within teams.


Workplace Coaching


Our Workplace and Executive Coaching Programs can be tailored to suit a range of needs and situations. Our coaching programs have helped our clients achieve results in a range of areas such as; time management, delegating, communication, dealing with stress, being more assertive etc.

Emotional Intelligence


Emotional Intelligence is now proven to be an important predictor of success for people in organisations as well as in life! We use the full range of EQi-2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessments as tools to aid in your professional and personal development.