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The Personal Effectiveness Coaching Program in Melbourne and surrounding regions can be tailored to suit a range of individual situations and specific aims. We work with you to develop specific and measurable objectives over an agreed time-frame.This is designed to suit Managers, Team Leaders and Staff.


This coaching program has proved effective in assisting people to enhance their skills and achieve desired change in a range of areas;

  • Leadership
  • Personal Communication Style
  • Managing People
  • Time Management/Productivity
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Delegating
  • Improving Team-work
  • Personal motivation
  • Self-Awareness


Coaching is of course “on the job” and deals with real life issues affecting performance, therefore the results are often more effective than traditional training.



For any coaching assignment to be successful, it is imperative that confidentiality between the Coach and the Coachee is respected at all times. Once this trust is broken, even if well intentioned, then the commitment to the process is difficult to maintain. Accordingly, we are fully committed to respecting the utmost confidentiality at all times. LCS will comply with the International Coach Federation’s code of ethical conduct at all times and will not divulge the detail of the coaching discussions with anybody else, without the express agreement of the Coach.


Psychological Profiling Tools

We use a range of profiling tools and instruments to help you discover more about yourself and to help identify possible areas for skill enhancement. We have trained facilitators in each of the following profiling tools which we can call upon should the need arise.

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Productivity Skills Questionnaire (PSQ)
  • Benchmarks/Skillscope 360 Feedback
  • EQi Emotional Intelligence Assessment


For more information on our Personal Effectiveness Coaching Program in Melbourne, please email Geoff Prior



Client Testimonials

The Personal Effectiveness Coaching that I completed with Geoff Prior is by far the best and most effective personal development exercise that I have ever participated in.  He helped me work through a very difficult time in my professional life which I am very grateful for. I really believe that he saved my relationship with my one up manager and gave me the tools to better manage my own team. He got me back on track and helped me find my ‘rose coloured glasses’ again.  I rate his coaching 10/10!  Peter – Senior Manager, July 2012

These sessions have absolutely exceeded my expectations and have given me confidence in my management abilities and the inspiration to take control of my career and make change across all areas of my life.” Susan, Manager Local Government Melbourne


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