Using Email Effectively

Use Email effectively to improve organisational productivity


Use Email Effectively is a short and punchy training program designed to help Teams and organisations develop an email culture so that effective email communication is the norm. Unfortunately, many organisations are drowning in a sea of ineffective email communication, in part, because people simply don’t understand how to use email properly.

Email can be a very effective communication tool when used correctly. Many times however, email is misused, or quite often, overused  and unfortunately, this is having an increasingly negative effect on people and their productivity within organisations.

Consider the following:


  • Too often, an email is sent when a simple phone call or a personal visit might have sufficed.
  • Or an email is sent with very unclear or confusing subject lines.
  • People are sending far too many FYI type emails
  • Or perhaps people are overusing CC (Carbon Copy) or even the Reply All functions.


The result? Poor communication, lack of clarity or even diluted accountability for actions and of course, over-crowded In-boxes everywhere!

Training to help staff in more effective use of email can help your organisation or team reduce its reliance on email as communication tool. And staff can learn valuable tips for writing more effective emails that get the desired response more often.




  • Comprehensive Training Manual
  • 4 Weeks of Email Coaching/Follow Up


Using Email Effectively – Program Outline


When to Email and when not to Email


To send or not to send, that is the question.  In fact it is the first question you should ask. Developing some understanding as to when and when not to use email is the first step to beginning to change the culture in your organisation. We explore when email is the right communication tool to use and when are other options might be more effective? If you are sending or recieving many FYI type emails with no action required, perhaps that should stop. Should emails be used when the matter is urgent?


Writing More Effective Emails


Once you decide to send an email, then you want to be concerned about:

  • Brevity – when writing your email
  • Email writing format
  • Writing emails with the end in mind
  • Writing effective Subject Headings
  • Using Email subject heading prefixes to make it immediately clear what is required
  • When to CC or perhaps BCC
  • Sending Attachments with emails
  • STOP – before you send your email
  • And more…


Responding to Emails

  • Responding timely to emails
  • Replying when angry
  • Managing expectations of others with email


Using Some MS Outlook Tools


MS Outlook has some built in features that can help you send and write more effective emails.

  • Spell Checking your email
  • Send Options you have with emails


Key Outcomes


This program has been especially designed to run In-house for organisations who:

  • Want to see a change in their culture around how email is actually used
  • Wish to reduce the amount of email traffic within their organisations
  • Wish to see staff communicate more effectively when using email
  • Are looking to see increased productivity and reliability around how emails are used


Contact us to discuss this program in more detail. Call 02 6056 8887 or email Geoff Prior


We can run our Using Email Effectively training online  or in-person in Albury Wodonga, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. We can also travel anywhere within Australia and New Zealand.