MBTI Questionnaire & Personal Debrief

Take the MBTI Questionnaire and learn more about yourself




Have you have ever wanted to know your MBTI personality type using the Myers Briggs personality framework? Lingford Consulting can arrange for you to undertake the MBTI Questionnaire online. We can then provide you with your personalised Myers Briggs (MBTI) report electronically along with an “over the phone” or “in person” debrief. We will guide you through your detailed personalised report.


The MBTI Questionnaire is one of the most widely used psychological instruments for personality self-awareness in the world today.
Psychological type theory describes four pairs of preferences for:

  1. How you are energised (Extraversion or Introversion)
  2. How you take in information (Sensing or Intuition)
  3. How you make decisions (Thinking or Feeling)
  4. How you go about your daily life (Judging and Perceiving)


Myers Briggs Type Table. MBTI Questionnaire


The combinations of these eight preferences results in 16 psychological or personality types. Each personality type has a natural and created way of being. Each MBTI personality type also has its own distinctive approach to life.


Having greater self-awareness of your own personality type and style allows you to modify your approach when interacting with others. This increases your chances of better understanding others and being able to communicate more effectively with them. Ultimately, this will lead to lower levels of frustration and conflict.


How it works

The price will vary depending upon the type of personalised report you wish to receive.  There are quite a number of reports available and each one caters for a specific need. (Communication, Managing Conflict, Managing Change, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence,  Teams etc) It will also vary of course depending upon whether the MBTI debrief is done over the phone or in person. Either way, the same MBTI Questionnaire is undertaken.


The Myers Briggs Company Alliance Program Silver Partner 2020 - Personality Test

We can undertake either the MBTI Step I or MBTI Step II questionnaire for you. There are a variety of Reports available depending upon which version of the MBTI Questionnaire you undertake. Note that the MBTI Step II Assessment & Report is a far more comprehensive questionnaire and as a result will cost more. You can learn more about the differences between the available MBTI Assessments and Reports here.


Upon agreement to proceed:

  • We will send you a short letter of engagement with the agreed price
  • An invoice is then sent to you
  • Once payment is received, we will send you an email to explain the MBTI Questionnaire process. Our email will include the appropriate links to undertake the MBTI Questionnaire on line
  • Once completed, your MBTI Report is sent to our office for review
  • We then contact you to arrange an appropriate time for the Debrief (1.5 – 2 Hours)
  • A Type Explanation & Coaching session takes place online or in person as agreed


MBTI Questionnaire Key Outcomes

  • Discover and understand a little more about yourself  (improved self-awareness)
  • Understand and appreciate why others may do things quite differently (improved interpersonal awareness)
  • Identify ways you can use those differences constructively in an organisational setting or even at home
  • Improve communication between yourself and different personality types


Where to next


Contact us for pricing and for more  information and we will get back in touch as soon as possible.

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    • MBTI® is one of the most widely used psychological instruments for self-awareness in the world today. Psychological type theory describes four pairs of preferences for how you are energised, what you pay attention to, how you make decisions and how you go about your daily life.