Microsoft OneNote Training (Online)

Start digital notetaking with our online Microsoft OneNote training


Microsoft OneNote is an electronic note-taking program that can totally transform your notetaking and even improve your workflow. It has been around for many years but has really come into its own in recent years as the workforce has become increasingly mobile and laptop enabled. The drive to go paperless combined with Microsoft Office 365 Software roll outs across organisations has also contributed to Microsoft OneNote’s popularity. Our OneNote Training will help get started with digital notetaking.



  • Are you wasting time handwriting notes and then retyping later?
  • Do you have a good system for capturing your innovative ideas?
  • Do you sometimes miss important tasks or details from your handwritten notes?
  • Do you ever wish you could store all your project information in one place?


If this is you, then we have some good news. Our Microsoft OneNote Training (Online) in can help you resolve all these problems and OneNote can do so much more as well! Our online OneNote training program can save you valuable time and improve you and your team’s productivity and efficiency!


We have designed this training to suit online delivery for your team or organisation.  There are two x 1.5- hour training sessions delivered over two days and usually about a week or so apart. 

  • Session 1

  • Introduction to OneNote training session

    • Understand the benefits of digital notetaking
    • Know the different OneNote programs/Apps you can use
    • Avoid or fix the common set up traps
    • Learn to create and manage your Notebooks
    • Learn how to share your Notebooks and collaborate in realtime
    • Create and organise your Sections
    • Discover “Section Groups”
    • Discover a better way to organise your Pages
    • Start taking notes – the basics
  • Session 2

  • Doing More with OneNote training session

    • Learn how to work with Files
    • Discover ways to insert links
    • Use “Search” to find your notes quickly
    • Discover OneNote Tags and ways to use them
    • Learn how to create and use “Page Templates”
    • Learn smart ways to use your digital pen
    • Discover some smart Outlook integrations to help manage your workflow
    • …and more

 Check In group session (30-45 Minutes)

We build in a 30-45 minute check in/Q&A session about 3-4 weeks later to provide the group with an opportunity to ask questions or seek clarfication on some of the OneNote training content. This is a valuable part of the training. “No point in learning all these new tips, and then not put them into proper practice” as one attendee recently remarked.


Client Feedback

Tags & Office Lens!! If you are not using OneNote yet or have only taught yourself then you really need to look closer, it is amazing!! I love my to do lists and this has just become so easy. And this will enable me to go even closer to paperless. Last weeks OneNote training course was a “game changer”. This weeks was “mind blowing”!! Bobbi McKibbon, Director Solar Integrity & Co-Founder Renewable Albury/Wodonga

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