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Master your Inbox with our Productivity with Outlook Online training


Microsoft Outlook is an incredibly underutilized program. Everyone knows how send/recieve emails etc, however, Microsoft Outlook can do much more than that. There are so many simple tools and tips that can help people manage their emails and workloads more effectively! Our Productivity with Outlook Online training is based on our popular Half-Day Productivity with Outlook training but structured to better suit online delivery.

My Productivity with Outlook Training online set up

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Program Overview

Two,  2-hour online sessions that can be undertaken with a short gap between them to faciliate better learning outcomes. 


Session 1 – Manage your Inbox using the 4Ds (2Hrs)

In this power-packed 2-hour session, I will show you how to totally change the way you manage your Outlook Inbox, your Email Folders and Email Search!


Email – Great Servant/Poor Master

  • Dealing with Email overload
  • Emails & Continuous Partial Attention
  • Turn off your Email Alert – Stay Focused
  • Emails and Multi-Tasking
  • When to check emails (Are you over checking?)
  • Start your day in your Calendar


Create your Outlook Dashboard

  • Understand your Outlook Ribbon options
  • Tidy up & customise your Inbox Columns
  • Create your Outlook Inbox Dashboard View (Unique)


Working Smarter with Folders/Search

  • Learn to use the powerful Outlook Search feature to find emails faster! 
  • Tracking important conversations in Outlook
  • Use your Email Folders more effectively


Managing Email using the 4Ds

  • Smart ways to handle an email once
  • Monitoring your Email Radar
  • The 4Ds of managing your email
  • Focusing your Inbox using Email Rules
  • Learn smart ways to track/follow up important emails quickly!)
  • Using Email Search Folders


Session 2 – Manage your Workload using Outlook Tasks (1.5 Hrs)

In the second power-packed session I will demonstrate how Outlook can be used to manage your entire workload, not just your email…and in a busy and fast-paced digital environment. You will quickly learn the benefits of using Outlook Tasks as your primary to-do list, in conjunction with Microsoft To Do. I will demonstrate how you can customise and create your ultimate To Do List and throw away your paper to do list forever as a result!


Using Outlook Tasks

  • Various ways to create a Task
  • Recurring Tasks
  • Assigning Outlook Tasks to others
  • Managing your Task list simply and quickly
  • Explore the various Task views you can use
  • Introducing MS To Do (Tasks on Phone)


Using the To Do Bar

  • Customise your To Do Bar
  • Using the To Do Bar
  • Tasks & your Calendar
  • Ditching your paper To Do List


Outlook Calendar as Planner

  • Start Day in your Calendar
  • Open in new Window
  • Calendar Colours with Categories
  • Meetings & Tracking options


Session 3 (Optional) 1 Hr

In order to consolidate the learning from this program, we recommend a 1 Hour (Online) session about 2-3 weeks after session 2 is completed. The purpose of this optional session is to answer any additional questions and assist attendees in fine-tuning their approach to managing their emails in Outlook.

I will also introduce a few more advanced concepts to help people save time writing and managing emails:

  • Email Templates
  • Quick Steps,
  • Quick parts,
  • Conditional Formatting, etc


Why this program?

Our Productivity with Outlook Training online will help you or your team develop specific strategies for dealing with emails more effectively and getting your Inbox under control. For good! 

I will show you some smart ways to customise your views in Outlook and develop strategies aimed at achieving immediate results! You will discover many practical ways to improve your email productivity by managing your Inbox more effectively.


Our Outlook productivity training (Online) includes:

  • a comprehensive training manual
  • one month of personalised follow-up via email
  • access to a trainer for one month
  • measurement of participants’ skill levels before and after the training using our online Productivity Skills Questionnaire.


Flexible Delivery Options

We can tailor our Online Productivity with Outlook training to suit your organisation or team’s individual needs. You can choose to do Session 1 only and/or Session 2 or do all 3 sessions of course. 


All sessions have been designed to flow on from each other, but they can be customised it to suit your requirements.  We can run this Online training training via Microsoft Teams or Zoom or any other Platform you choose


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Client Feedback

Hi Geoff. Firstly thank you for the training! It has changed my outlook life! Since the training I have been using outlook how you suggested (changing the visuals, using to do lists, using the 4D’s approach). I have noticed I am definitely more organised and able to remember to follow up things more easily. My inbox is no longer overwhelming and checking it is not a daunting task. I have also noticed I am spending less time in my inbox and more time doing work which has improved my productivityKarmen – Planning Enforcement, Local Government Melbourne.