Microsoft Outlook Training for Executive Assistants

Our Microsoft Outlook Training for Executive Assistants is a unique program aimed specifically at helping EAs use the full range of tools available in Microsoft Outlook to save valuable time.


We understand that Executive Assistants are under pressure to get things done quickly and responsively. Fortunately, there are some fantastic features available in Outlook that can make an Executive Assistants job much easier. You will learn to automate many repetitive actions within Outlook.


In this program, we cover some of the features available in our Productivity With Outlook program, (See here) as well as some features of our Outlook Advanced Training (See here). However, the focus is more on using Outlook in a shared Mailbox environment.


Shared Outlook Mailbox Challenges


The Executive Assistant faces the dual challenge of managing their own Inbox, Calendar and Tasks but also providing valuable assistance to their boss in managing their Inbox, Calendar and Tasks. We help you answer the following tough questions:


  • Is there an easy way to manage my boss’s calendar?
  • How do I easily communicate to my Boss about emails I’ve taken action on? What options do I have?
  • How can I quickly and easily advise action he/she needs to take on an email?
  • How do we deal with shared Tasks?
  • Can I enter Tasks for my Boss? Where/How?
  • Can I set up rules for my Inbox/my bosses Inbox?


On top of this, we will show you many time saving tools to make managing your own Emails, Calendar and Tasks quicker and simpler.


Get ALL your Executive Assistants involved


What most organisations have been able to do in the past, is get all the Executive Assistants within their organisation to undertake this training at the same time. This results in all the EAs developing a consistent approach and supporting each other post the training.

We think this is the most effective approach and it works!


Outlook Training for Executive Assistants Features


  • Comprehensive Productivity with Outlook Training Manual supplied
  • 1 month of personalised follow-up via email included
  • Participant skill level measured Pre and Post the training using our on-line Productivity with Outlook Skills Questionnaire


We run our Outlook training for Executive Assistants in-house. This way, everyone in the team learns to use Outlook the same way. This can have a dramatic impact on organisational and team productivity. In addition to this, attendees will leave the workshop highly motivated to customise and continue to use Microsoft Outlook to suit their individual and organisational needs.


Flexible Delivery Options


We can tailor our Outlook training for Executive Assistants to suit your organisation or team’s individual needs. We have a number of flexible delivery options. It can be delivered to a group or can be tailored for delivery as a coaching program for a single person.

  • Face-to-face training in Albury Wodonga or Melbourne
  • Online training anywhere.  
  • 1-1 coaching either in person or online
  • View more online programs.


Contact us to discuss your needs.