Advanced Outlook Training

There are many other advanced tools and features within Microsoft Outlook that can save you a lot of time. There simply is too much content for most users to fully grasp all the features that are available within MS Outlook in a single session.  For this reason, we introduced this half-day advanced Outlook training program.

outlook training advanced

It is highly recommended that attendees undertake our normal Productivity with Outlook training first, before undertaking the Microsoft Outlook Advanced Training session.

Advanced Outlook Training Content

This outlook training program is designed to introduce attendees to many other powerful tools in Outlook such as:

  • Setting up Email Templates
  • Automate routine replies using Quick Steps
  • Save time typing text by using Quick Parts
  • Use Conditional Formatting to colour your Inbox,
    Calendar and Tasks
  • Setting up and using advanced Outlook Rules
  • Using Filters
  • Customising your To Do List views
  • Using Outlook Notes
  • Using advanced Contact features

Boost your productivity to completely different level with this program.


  • Productivity with Outlook Advanced Training Manual supplied
  • 1 month of personalised follow-up via email included
  • Participant skill level measured Pre and Post the training using our on-line Productivity with Outlook Skills Questionnaire

We run our Outlook Productivity Training – Advanced in Melbourne in-house only. This way, everyone in the team learns to use Outlook the same way. In our experience, this can have a dramatic impact on organisational and team productivity.

Participants will leave the workshop highly motivated to customise and use Microsoft Outlook to suit their individual and organisational needs.

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We recommend our Productivity with Outlook Training be undertaken first.