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Improve Teamwork with Myers Briggs Team Building – Online


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In our Myers Briggs Team Building Online, participants will come to a greater understanding of their own personality and that of their team. They will discover why they see things a certain way, whilst coming to an understanding of how others in the team see things quite differently; and as a result, behave quite differently. They will better understand, appreciate and be able to work with these differences rather than get frustrated. They will discover how to communicate more effectively with other team members as a result.


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In our online training, we emphasise, it is not about right and wrong, rather it is about different and complimentary. This is an interactive workshop where participants will have a lot of fun whilst learning important principles about working with different personality types within the team.  Having greater self awareness of one’s own personality preferences allows individuals to modify their approach when interacting with others in the team. This increases the chances of communicating more effectively and leads to lower levels of frustration and conflict.


Online Format

Running this online is certainly different to the in-person experience, but based on the feedback, is no less valuable and effective.

It is run as a Half-Day workshop but over two days or sessions as follows.

Session 1 = 2 hours

Session – 2 = 1.5 hours


Myers Briggs Team Building Online – Workshop Content


Full Myers Briggs Questionnaire is undertaken on-line prior to the workshop so no time is wasted undertaking the questionnaire on the day.


Introduction to Type Theory

The group will be introduced to Myers Briggs Personality Type Theory/Framework. They will learn about their natural Preferences according to the MBTI Framework and receive their Personalised Myers Briggs Report


Type Exercises

The group will undertake several exercises designed to highlight the differences in individuals based upon their personality preferences.


During this entertaining and highly interactive session, participants will learn a great deal about how their personality type relates to others in the team. They will learn to appreciate these differences and discover ways to communicate and interact much more effectively with each other.


Myers Briggs Team Building Aims & Outcomes


At the end of our Myers Briggs Team Building Online, each participant will be able to:

  • Identify his or her personality type preference using the Myers Briggs MBTI framework
  • Discover and understand a little more about themselves, (improve self-awareness) and learn to appreciate why others do things differently, (improve inter-personal awareness)
  • Identify ways to use personality differences within the team constructively at work
  • Better appreciate each other’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Improve the way they communicate with others in the team


Team Outcomes:

  • Improved communication
  • More openness and trust between people
  • Clear understanding of the team’s likely strengths and how the team may capitalise upon them
  • Team strengths clearly identified
  • Team blind spots clearly understood


Features for each participant

  • Personalised Myers Briggs Report PDF Copy
  • Personal Development Planning Guide
  • 1 month of personalised follow up via email

Myers Briggs Team Building Online Workshop – Email Coaching

In the month following the completion of the workshop, we will personally email each participant each week in order to extend the learning process beyond the actual training day. The emails we send out will offer additional insights and information as well as encouraging each participant to continue along in their personal development journey.


Optional 1-1 Coaching

For many teams we have worked with, we have offered a one hour coaching session to help the individual better understand their results and be able to explore and discuss how they can work more effectively with others as a result of what they have learnt on the day.


Client Feedback

Great learning experience. Great environment. Very interesting and good opportunity to bond with workmates and learn more about ourselves and others. Would definitely recommend to others! Thalia – Holmesglen


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