Productivity with Outlook and OneNote

Microsoft Outlook and OneNote Training to boost productivity

Our Productivity using Microsoft Outlook and OneNote training program is a powerful way to improve your own productivity or that of your team by learning to use widely available electronic tools and software programs to manage your time more effectively.


  • Are you using all the features and functionality that Microsoft Outlook has to offer?
  • Are you using Microsoft OneNote to take your meeting notes to save time?
  • Are you ready to embrace a paperless time management system?

A person partly obscured typing on a laptop computer. Productivity using Microsoft Outlook and OneNote training


Use your Devices and Software Programs to improve your productivity and time management

So much of our work these days comes to us from emails. The ability to use available electronic tools to manage your workload and be more productive is becoming increasingly critical in today’s fast pace working environment.


The move to paperless is definitely here and we can help you embrace it!

You can save yourself valuable time by learning how to use both of these software programs to their absolute potential. And because they are both Microsoft programs, there are many features where both programs can work with each other to help you manage your time and your workload.

In our Productivity using Microsoft Outlook and OneNote training, we show you how to do just that!


Throw away your paper notebook!

Well not quite… But, if you’ve never taken electronic meeting notes before, we will show you how easy it is. Once you realise the time savings involved, you’ll rarely pick up you paper notepad again.


We’ve combined the best features of our Productivity with MS Outlook training program and our Productivity using OneNote training program into one powerful Half Day program that will totally transform the way you manage your workload and manage your time in the future.


Workshop Features

  • Comprehensive Productivity with Microsoft Outlook and OneNote training manual supplied
  • 1 month of personalised follow-up via email included
  • Participant skill level measured both pre and post the training using our on-line Productivity with MS Outlook and OneNote Skills Questionnaire


Outlook and OneNote Training Program Outline


Customise your Outlook Views

  • Customise your views to maximise your productivity and increase your ability to focus
  • Set up your “Outlook Dashboard” to see all you need to do


Productivity with Email

  • Manage your emails more effectively – The 4 Ds
  • Use Email Flags properly
  • Organise your Email Folders
  • Use the “Instant Search” Function to save time!
  • Create Email Rules


Use Outlook Tasks

  • Set up your To Do Bar
  • Understanding the basic Task screen
  • Use Outlook Tasks as your To Do List
  • Recurring Tasks
  • Track your projects and follow up on actions


Productivity with Calendar

  • Use your Outlook Calendar as a planning tool
  • Maximise your use the basic Appointment and Meeting screen
  • Manage meetings efficiently in Outlook®
  • Work with Calendar Colours
  • Integrate Emails and your Calendar


Using Microsoft OneNote

  • Understand the basic structure of OneNote
  • Set up and organise Sections
  • Create and use Pages
  • Learn how to organise your Notes
  • Use Tags
  • Page Templates
  • Search Tools to find your Notes
  • Integrate OneNote with MS Outlook – Some Time Saving Features


Learning Outcomes

Our Productivity with Microsoft Outlook and OneNote is complete game-changer.  Learn ways to more effectively manage your entire workload. This training will totally change the way you manage your time at work.



Our Productivity using Microsoft Outlook and OneNote training is a Half Day face to face workshop which can be customised depending upon your needs. This training lends itself to internal teams undertaking this training together. We find considerable productivity gains can be made when the entire team uses a consistent approach to manage their emails, calendar and tasks. We strongly encourage the training to bring along their own devices (Surface Pro’s, Laptops, Phones etc)…. they will learn to use them more productively at the end of this training.


Public Training Event in Albury Wodonga

I’m running a version of this program in Albury Wodonga on Monday April 20 from 9.00am to 1.00pm.

You can Register Here for this event.



Client Feedback

Hi Geoff

Thanks again for delivering this training to my team. Personally I have found the training extremely helpful in managing my Outlook calendar and inbox. I have restructured the way my outlook appears with more focus on the task list, which is helping me manage workload much better than before. I am ‘living by’ the 4D process right now in terms of emails and am loving it!! Its allowing me to better manage the hundreds of emails I get in a day. The training you delivered has really changed the way I do things at work and I no longer feel ruled by my emails! – Emma – Regional Manager, EPA Victoria Sept 2017


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