Email Productivity Training

Email Productivity Training for organisations


Communicating by email can be a very effective means of communication if used correctly. Many times however, email is overused or misused and this is having a negative effect on people and their productivity in organisations.


Our Email Productivity for organisations is a 3 hour training program designed to help organisations use emails more effectively. Many organisations are drowning in a sea of emails because many people don’t understand how to use email correctly. Too often, an email is sent when a simple phone call or visit might suffice. Or an email is sent with very unclear or confusing subject lines. The result? Poor communication, lack of interaction and over-crowded In-boxes.


This training can help your organisation or team use email much more effectively. Learn to operate with fewer emails in your Inbox.



  • Training Manual
  • 4 Weeks of Email Coaching/Follow Up


Program Outline


Writing Effective Emails

To send or not to send, that is the question!!

In fact it is the first question you should ask. Developing some understanding as to when and when not to use email is the first step to beginning to change the culture in your organisation. Once you decide to send an email, then you want to be concerned about:

  • Brevity
  • Subject Headings
  • Email Etiquette
  • When to CC or BCC
  • And more…


Stress Less – Setting Up Your Inbox

Setting up your Outlook or Lotus Notes Inbox properly, can help you to deal with your email load more effectively and with less stress.

We will look at ways you can integrate your emails with your electronic Calendar and Tasks/To Do list that can save you valuable time and help to ensure incoming emails are dealt with more reliably and in a timely manner.


Using Outlook/Lotus Notes Tools

Both MS Outlook and Lotus Notes have many features that can help you control incoming emails and save you valuable time.


Learn smarter ways to organise incoming emails. Learn how to create Email Rules, use your Draft Email folder as well as Distribution Lists.


Email – Great Servant – Poor Master

You will learn strategies to help you maximise your efficiency with handling emails throughout your work day


Key Outcomes

Our Productivity with Email program has been especially designed to run In-house for organisations who:

Wish to reduce the amount of email traffic within their organisations

  • Wish to see staff communicate more effectively when using email
  • Want to see a change in their culture around how email is actually used
  • Are looking to see increased productivity and reliability around how emails are used
  • Want to see people take some control over their Inbox and reduce their stress levels as a result


Contact us to discuss this program in more detail. Call 02 6056 8887 or email Geoff Prior


We have offices in Albury Wodonga, Melbourne and Perth but can travel anywhere within Australia to deliver this program.