Productivity with Outlook Training Melbourne

Improve your productivity with our MS Outlook Productivity Training Melbourne


Almost everyone knows how to use Microsoft Outlook to send and receive emails. However, you can improve your productivity and manage your time more effectively by using some little-known features in Microsoft Outlook®.

The focus for our Outlook Productivity Training Melbourne is on optimising your use of the Email, Calendar and Task functions in MS Outlook.


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We demonstrate how Outlook can be used to manage your workload in a busy and fast-paced digital environment. You will learn to manage your emails more effectively. You will see the benefits of using Microsoft Outlook Tasks as your primary to do list.



We also show you how to set up Microsoft Outlook® properly so you can manage your Email Inbox with more confidence and less stress. Discover our unique way to set up and use Microsoft Outlook’s Tasks and Email Flagging features that will enable you to manage your To Do List electronically.

As a result, you will be able to better manage your task deadlines using some of the fantastic productivity and time management tools that Microsoft Outlook offers.


Outlook Time Management


We also show you how to use Outlook as a Time Management tool. Learn to optimise your use of Microsoft Outlook® rather than using it just for email. You will be amazed at how many features MS Outlook has that can help improve your time management.


In this training program, attendees will learn how to use Microsoft Outlook as a totally integrated time management system that can help:


  • Customise your Outlook Views to create your Outlook Dashboard
  • Learn ways to manage workload and workflow using Outlook
  • Manage Emails Inbox using the 4D’s
  • Use Outlook Tasks as the primary To Do List
  • Use the Outlook Calendar as a time management tool