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There are many little-known tools in Microsoft Outlook® that can be used to improve your personal productivity and help you be more organised. We focus on teaching the features that have the most impact on your own productivity. You will learn to use the full functionality of Microsoft Outlook®rather than using it simply for email.  You will learn to use Outlook as a totally integrated package that can help you manage your workload and time.


We show you how to set up Microsoft Outlook® properly so you can manage your Inbox and your Calendar with more confidence and with less stress. You will discover how to use Outlook’s Task and Email Flagging features to enable you to manage your To Do List electronically. Learn how to manage task deadlines more effectively using some of the unique tools that MS Outlook offers.


We prefer to run our Productivity with Outlook training in Melbourne in-house. This way, everyone in the team learns to use Outlook the same way and importantly, the changes everyone makes to their Outlook profile are set up and Views are ready to go the moment they leave the training. We can run a Half Day or Full Day depending upon your needs.


Workshop Features

  • Comprehensive Productivity with Outlook Manual supplied
  • 1 month of personalised follow-up via email included
  • Participant skill level measured Pre and Post the training using our on-line Productivity with Outlook Skills Assessment
  • Certificate of Completion for attendees


Workshop Content


Customising your Outlook Views

  • Reading Pane & Message Preview
  • Setting up and using your Quick Access Tool Bar
  • Office Themes
  • Manage everything you have to do from One View


Productivity with Email

  • Organising your Inbox and handling emails efficiently
  • Set up your email sub-folders
  • Using the “Search” feature to quickly locate any email
  • Using “Rules” to manage incoming emails
  • Integrating emails with your Calendar and Tasks
  • Using Reminder Flags properly
  • Creating email templates to save valuable time
  • Using “Quick Steps” to automate regular actions
  • Email signatures
  • Productivity with attachments and more…


Productivity with Tasks

  • Using Tasks as your To Do List
  • Customising the Task View
  • Understanding the basic Task screen
  • Using categories
  • Recurring Tasks
  • Assigning tasks
  • Colour Coding your To Do List
  • Using the To Do Bar


 Productivity with your Calendar

  • Using your Calendar as a Planning Tool
  • Understanding the appointment screen
  • Setting up your calendar views
  • Working with colour categories
  • Automatic formatting (Conditional Formatting)
  • Managing meetings in Outlook®
  • Calendar sharing and more…


Productivity with your Outlook contacts

  • Understanding the basic Contacts screen
  • Setting up Distribution Lists or Contact Groups
  • Using the different Contact views


Productivity with Notes

  • Productive ways to use “Notes”


At the end of this training in Melbourne, attendees will:

  • Learn better ways to organise their workload and workspace
  • Develop a more effective Note Taking and To Do List system
  • Develop better systems for organising and accessing information within Outlook
  • Get more control over their email Inbox
  • Learn to set and up and use Outlook as their To Do List
  • Utilise their Calendar more fully as an effective planning tool
  • Automate many other tasks to save valuable time


In addition to this, attendees will leave the workshop highly motivated to customise Outlook to suit their individual and organisational needs.

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