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Our Personal Productivity Workshop (Time Management Training) in Melbourne provides people the tools and strategies they need to be more productive at work.  Traditionally, this type of training was called time management; however, focusing on personal productivity places the emphasis on the individual. They are largely responsible for their productivity, whether working alone or with others.


During this one-day workshop, we lead people through a process of discovering their own personal productivity and time management limitations, and offer participants practical advice on how to organise themselves and their work; how to plan and prioritise effectively; and how to stay focused on high priority activities.


Training Features

  • Comprehensive Personal Productivity Training Manual supplied
  • 1 month of personalised follow-up via email included
  • Participant skill level measured Pre and Post the training using our on-line Personal Productivity Skills Assessment
  • Certificate of Completion for attendees


Learning Outcomes. At the end of this Workshop, attendees will:

  • Understand the effects of being disorganised and how this impacts on performance and psychological well-being
  • Be motivated to organise their work environment to increase their productivity and lower their stress levels
  • Improve the way they manage their note-taking
  • Discover the value of using an Electronic To Do List and learn how to set your list up
  • Learn to manage emails more efficiently within an Outlook environment
  • Learn ways to focus on key tasks and be less reactive (Important v Urgent)
  • Become more proficient at managing and juggling multiple tasks
  • Develop a detailed plan for current and future commitments (Your Planning Funnel)
  • Be able to identify and manage their “Monkeys”
  • Discover strategies for managing the expectations of others
  • Develop a bias for action and learn to procrastinate less
  • Discover ways to better manage interruptions & coach your interrupters


Customised Training

We can customise our Personal Productivity Training to meet the specific needs of your organisation for delivery anywhere in Australia.


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Albury/Wodonga | Venue

Cost: $400 inc GST
[lunch and refreshments provided]

  • 27 February 2017
  • 29 May 2017
  • 28 August 2017
  • 27 November 2017

Melbourne | Venue tba

Cost: $425 inc GST
[lunch and refreshments provided]

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Perth | Venue tba

Cost: $425 inc GST
[lunch and refreshments provided]

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Contact us to discuss this program in more detail or call 02 6056 8887