Microsoft Teams Productivity Training – Online

Microsoft Teams Productivity Training – Online


Two x 1.5- hour training sessions over two days. Online and and interactive.

Microsoft Teams is a comprehensive Digital Workspace or Hub that helps you work more productively with others in your team wherever they are and whoever they are. Unfortunately, most people simply use Microsoft Teams for video meetings and chat. And it does that very well of course. But in this session, you will quickly learn that Microsoft Teams can do more than that….in fact, a whole lot more than that!

In our Microsoft Teams Productivity Training I will show you some clever ways you can use Microsoft Teams to collaborate and communicate more effectively with others in your team as you work from anywhere.

  • Session 1

  • Introduction to Microsoft Teams

    • Understanding Teams and what it can do
    • Navigating Microsoft Teams easily (menu, tabs, etc)
    • Using the full functionality of “Chat”
      • Group Chat, Messaging Options, Delivery Options, @Mentions etc
    • Teams or Channels? (Understanding the difference and when to use them)
      • Setting up a Team
      • Creating channels/Private Channels
    • Conversatations in Channels
    • Working with Files (Collaborating in real-time)
    • Creating Tabs
    • Moving conversations out of Outlook and onto Teams (and making them much more manageable!)
    • Teams Meetings (The Basics)
    • Co-Authoring and collaborating with Files and OneDrive
  • Session 2

  • Doing More with Microsoft Teams

    • Running more effective meetings in Teams
      • Working with Files
      • Using Microsoft Whiteboard
      • Using Polls and Forms
      • Using Breakout Rooms
    • Working with other Microsoft Apps inside Teams
    • Using Microsoft Planner inside Teams
    • More advanced Tips
      • Bookmarking
      • Sharing to Outlook
      • Using the Search feature
      • Using Teams on your Mobile Phone
    • …and more

Upcoming Training Events


August 2022 Program

  • Session 1 – Tuesday August 16 (10.30am – 12.00pm)  (AEST Syd/Melb/Can)
  • Session 2 – Monday August 22 (10.30am – 12.00pm)  (AEST Syd/Melb/Can)

November 2022 Program

  • Session 1 – Tuesday November 8 (12.30pm – 2.00pm)  (AEST Syd/Melb/Can)
  • Session 2 – Monday November 15 (12.30pm – 2.00pm)  (AEST Syd/Melb/Can)

Where:  Online via Microsoft Teams


Cost:      $260 Inc GST*


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This will be live and interactive and you will receive 1-1 help during the session if needed.

I can also run a customised version of this Microsoft Teams Productivity training for your team or organisation of course. Contact me for more details.