Manage your workload with Outlook Tasks

Learn how to use Outlook Tasks to manage your workload


A 1.5-hour online, live and interactive training session

Hi Geoff, everything is looking really productive in my neck of the woods. My Outlook To-Do Bar has been amazing. I’m using it and updating every it day. It is a wonderful way to stay on task, but even more exciting is that I can use it to remind me of things 3 months from now!  Evie, City of Wagga Wagga

In this power packed session, I will show you how to use Outlook Tasks effectively. I’ve been using Microsoft Outlook Tasks as my To Do List for more than 10 years. I will demonstrate how you can customise and create your ultimate To Do List and throw away your paper to do list forever as a result!

Manage Workload Outlook Tasks

What will be covered in this session

  • Use Email Flags effectively & Efficiently
  • Customise the To Do Bar
  • Learn the various ways to create a Task
  • Understand what you can do with a Task
  • Explore the various Task views you can use
  • Managing the Your Task list simply and quickly
  • Assigning Outlook Tasks to others
  • Ditching your paper list
  • Use your phone to enter Tasks to your list


The Microsoft Outlook Task feature is rarely utilised properly. I will show you how to customise and how to use Outlook Tasks as your comprehensive and ultimate To Do List. After this session, I can almost guarantee you will totally ditch your Paper To Do list.


Event Details

A 1.5-hour online, live and interactive training session


I’m no longer these as Live Events, but you can purchase a Recording of a session I did in 2023


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PS – I can run a customised version of this training for your team or organisation either online or in-person. Contact me for more details.


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