Manage Outlook Inbox using 4Ds

Customise and manage your Outlook Inbox using the 4Ds


If you are wasting valuable time double-handling emails, here is an opportunity to totally change the way you manage your Outlook Inbox forever! Learn how to use the Search tools in Outlook more effectively to find that email your are looking for. Also discover a smarter way to manage your Email Folders you never thought possible!

I will also show you a unique way to view in your Inbox that enables you to see your emails, your upcoming calendar appointments and your email flags from the one screen! I call it your Outlook Dashboard! This training will set your up for being able to reduce the size of your Outlook Inbox by using some little known features available in Microsoft Outlook.

Happy smiling young woman looking at laptop screen. Manage Outlook Inbox using 4Ds

Hi Geoff, thank you for the Productivity with Outlook training session, which (without wanting to sound OTT) was revolutionary to me! I have turned off all my notifications and my reading pane and am stunned by what a difference it has made to my productivity! I am now using the advanced search capabilities, in lieu of maintaining complicated folder hierarchies; love the tip you shared with us about finding related items; ….Looking forward to learning about more helpful practices, through your additional resources, to provide me with more hours in my day!Carrie – Senior Asset Management Officer


What will be covered in this session

  • Dealing with Email Overload
  • When to check emails/when not to check?
  • Discover a better way to manage your Outlook Inbox  with our Dashboard View (Unique!)
  • Learn the 4D method of dealing with emails
  • Stop wasting time looking for emails – learn to use the Search feature in Outlook properly
  • Get your Email Folders under control…for good!
  • Learn some smart tools in Outlook to make handling your emails faster and reduce double-handling


Event Details

A 2-hour online, live and interactive training session


I’m no longer these as Live Events, but you can purchase a Recording of a session I did in 2023


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PS – I can run a customised version of this training for your team or organisation either online or in-person. Contact me for more details.


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