Team Productivity Training

Productivity training to improve your team’s efficiency

Our Team Productivity Training is a powerful and interactive program that aims to improve your team’s productivity and efficiency. It will help your team manage its workload more effectively. The advantage of working with the entire team is to ensure a consistent approach is used by all when managing their workload. This can save valuable time by eliminating rework and duplication and thereby and reducing frustration within the team.

5 People in a meeting looking intently at one person who seems to be the leader. Team Productivity Training

Aligning personal and team priorities is also essential to ensuring all activities remain focused on the most important things that need to be done. The goal is to be clear about your personal priorities and how this fits in with the priorities of the larger team?



Team Productivity Training Outline

  • Productivity and Technology
  • Understanding our personal and team priorities
  • Managing ever-increasing workloads
  • Managing time-frames and deadlines
  • Managing multiple and sometimes conflicting priorities
  • Planning to be more productive
  • Delegating more effectively
  • Dealing with your “Monkeys”
  • Communicating and managing expectations
  • Managing our Interruptions – a team approach
  • Consistent set up and use of Outlook to improve team productivity
  • Manage your email more effectively within Outlook
  • Using your Calendar as a Planning Tool
  • Personal and Team Task Management using MS Outlook
  • Using Microsoft OneNote as a collaboration and sharing tool

Flexible Content and Delivery

Our Team Productivity Training program can be run as a One Day or two Half Day workshops depending upon your needs. We sit down with the team leader/manager to discuss and agree the precise content based upon the identified needs of the team.



Individual Coaching Follow Up

Individual follow up is strongly encouraged in line with individual training needs as identified in the training or through the on-line Team Productivity Training Questionnaire.



Using Microsoft Outlook and OneNote

We are finding great productivity gains can be made when the entire team uses a consistent approach to managing emails, calendar, tasks and even note taking. So we encourage the training to incorporate the use of laptops or PC’s where it is practicable.



Features of our Team Productivity Training

1 month of personalised follow-up contact via email

  • Team Productivity Survey Pre and Post the program
  • Comprehensive Training Manual
  • Certificate of Completion


We can customise our Team Productivity Training to meet the specific needs of your organisation for delivery in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. In fact anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.