Managing Email Training – Coaching

Training or Coaching to Help Manage Your Email More Effectively


Is your Inbox out of control?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of emails in your Inbox?

Do you struggle to keep up with the amount of emails you get every day?

Partly obscured man pressing an email button behind a glass windowEmail is a great servant, but very poor master. Many people basically use their Inbox as their To Do List. Unfortunately as we know, not every email you receive is that important. And of course, it can be a great distraction!

However, email is now the communication medium of choice. We cannot simply ignore emails… since so much of our work is now delegated to us via email. SO it is imperative that you have systems in place to make sure that important emails are not lost in your Inbox. Unfortunately, most people simply don’t have great systems for managing their email. They waste time continually scrolling up and down in their Inbox, locating emails they have not yet actioned. However, this is not very reliable and wastes a lot of time.


Our Email Training or Coaching program is designed to help people get their Email Inbox back under control and greatly reduce their stress in the process. We show people how set up their Inbox in such a way that emails are never inadvertently lost or forgotten.


We have a number of flexible delivery options. It can be delivered to a group or can be tailored to deliver as a coaching program for one person. Our strategies will work with whatever Email Program you are using. MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, GMAIL etc, though our speciality is working with MS Outlook.

Email Training Program Outline


  • Setting up and using Email Folders
  • Setting up your Inbox views
  • Processing your email
  • The 4Ds of managing your Email Inbox to Zero
  • Using Email Search
  • Using Email Follow Up Flags
  • Using Email with your Tasks and To Do’s
  • …and more


Email Coaching Program


Coaching can help people remove hidden barriers to improved performance. Under guidance, the Client will develop clear goals and action plans aimed at achieving immediate results with how they manage their email Inbox. We work with you to develop specific strategies that will work for you. Being directly accountable to the Coach makes this process easier.

We can tailor a Managing Email Coaching Program to suit individual needs though we usually aim for 3 coaching sessions over a 4-6 week time-frame. We focus on the same content listed above in our email training, but delivered personally over an agreed time-frame.


Interested? – Contact us to discuss this program in more detail.


We have offices in Albury Wodonga, Melbourne and Perth but can travel anywhere within Australia to deliver these programs.