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Leading Productive Meetings training in Albury Wodonga


leading productive meetings training melbournePoorly run meetings can be real time wasters. They sometimes have poor, or very often, even no agendas! They run over time, they achieve very little and they usually leave people feeling frustrated and disillusioned! An efficiently run meeting on the other hand, can actually save time and lead to productive outcomes. They leave people feeling that they’ve actually achieved something!


Unfortunately, productive meetings rarely happen by chance. They are productive because the someone, usually the meeting leader, has done the necessary preparation to make sure the meeting they are leading is productive.


This is the purpose of our Leading Productive Meetings training Melbourne. It is a Half Day day interactive workshop that will give attendees useful tools to use in preparing for and leading more productive meetings.


Our Meetings Training Features

  • Pre & Post Course Meetings Skills Questionnaire
  • Leading Productive Meetings Training Manual
  • 4 Weeks of Email Coaching post the training


Program Outline

  • Review Meeting Questionnaire
  • TO meet or not to meet….that is the question
  • Planning for a Productive Meeting – (Agenda, Timing, participants etc)


Managing the Meeting

  • Meeting roles (Leading / participating)
  • Taking Notes/Minutes
  • Assigning actions


Keeping on Track

  • Learn strategies to keep your meetings focused and on track


Communicating in Meetings

  • Body Language
  • Feedback and Attending Skills
  • Asking Good Questions
  • Listening Skills


Handling the People

  • Resolving Conflicts and Confrontation
  • Handling difficult people in meetings


Meeting Follow Up strategies & tools

You will learn strategies to help you plan, prepare and lead more productive meetings which will in turn have a positive effect on the productivity of your team or organisation.


Expected Outcomes


  • Learn how to plan, prepare and lead a productive meeting
  • Ensure meetings are more action oriented
  • Reduce the amount of time spent in unproductive meetings
  • Watch people take control and responsibility in their meetings
  • Discover ways to communicate more effectively in meetings
  • Implement strategies designed to improve follow up from meetings


Contact us to discuss this program in more detail. Call 02 6056 8887 or email Geoff Prior 


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