Client Feedback – Productivity with Microsoft OneNote

Thank you, Geoff, your Productivity with OneNote training, and follow-up support has been very professional and helpful. We all go to so many courses where there is no follow up and people just forget what they have learned. Follow up is great and provides inspiration too. Cheers to you. Chrissy – Local Government, Melbourne. June 2023

Hi Geoff, OMG!! OneNote is an absolute game changer for me. I am using quite a lot of the features which is amazing. When out on site, not only can I do everything on my phone, it also doesn’t drain the battery! Being able to add photos and use dictate saves me at least 5 minutes per site. Then when I am transferring the info into the cases, I don’t have to remember what the location looked like as the picture is under the notes. My other favourite feature is that I can put it into a run order and maximise my time on the road. If things change whilst I am out, I can alter the run order to accommodate. To say I love the MS OneNote program doesn’t even come close. Thanks so much for everything you taught us. 😊 Pia – Local Government Melbourne, August 2022

Hi Geoff, thanks for the follow up emails and for the excellent course. It has definitely changed the way I use OneNote and helped me get things a lot more organised. It is still early days but so far, I have moved things into three separate notebooks, and have an additional shared notebook for my immediate team. In my main notebook I am using section groups, as well as subpages to keep things organised. I find that some people still hand me business cards so I have used the scanning function to add these to a single page I can go to when scratching my head over who I need to contact for something.

 I have to say though, that my favourite features must be tags and templates. I like to plan out each day, usually with a sheet of paper, and scribble notes as I go. Using a custom template, inside a section group has allowed me to move nearly all this note taking and planning to OneNote. I’m also tagging things as questions so they will show up in my generated report to think about later. Thanks again!  Chester, Local Government, Melbourne, August 2022

Hi Geoff, thanks for your email. I have been using OneNote quite a bit actually. I have pretty much put away the notepad and pen and am just using OneNote. I have different section for each of my regular meetings and then have a page for each actual meeting so that I can dump things into the page as the week goes on to discuss at the meeting. I have found it to be very beneficial! Thank you very much for the training. Ben – Accor Hotels, Qld. January 2022

WOW!… was what I said at the end of your OneNote course. Thank you for the easy-to-follow training, loaded with practical relevant information. Jocelyne, Executive Assistant, Sydney. August 2021

Hi Geoff, I have hit the ground running with One Note. I’ve shared a Notebook for the first time and have spent some time organising my Sections into a more usable structure. The course has been extremely beneficial and is already paying dividends! ThanksChris – Quality Management Coordinator, Local Government Melbourne

Hi Geoff, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your initial workshop and all the fabulous follow up information. I’m loving working in OneNote!Angela, Art Officer, Local Govt Melbourne. May 2020

Tags & Office Lens!! If you are not on OneNote yet or only taught yourself then you really need to look closer, it is amazing!! I love my to do lists and this has just become so easy. And this will enable me to go even closer to paperless.  Last weeks OneNote course was a “game changer”. This weeks was “mind blown”!!  Whoever designed OneNote ….. I LOVE YOU!!  Geoff Prior from Lingford Consulting is certainly a master! Sign up to his courses.  Bobbi McKibbon, Director Solar Integrity & Co-Founder Renewable Albury/Wodonga. April 2020 (Live/Online Training)

Geoff was so approachable, it was clear the whole group felt comfortable to ask questions. We all got a lot out of the training, very clear and relevant.Meg – Local Government, Melbourne April 2020. (Live/Online Training)

Thanks for the follow up Geoff, I have been able to implement a few of the items you demonstrated such as:
• Screen capture
• Image to Text conversion
• Meeting notes linked to meeting invite
• A streamlining my notebook using sub pages

I have been using OneNote for some time, so I am already paper free but more productive now and a heck more organised!Jes, Continuous Improvement Lead. Local Govt Melbourne. April 2020 (Live/Online Training)

Really helpful! Practical ways to improve my use of Microsoft OneNote. Thankyou. – Chris, Local Government, Melbourne. Nov 2019

I found the strategies presented to be practical and easy to implement.Anne, Local Government Melbourne. November 2019

Fantastic training with valuable and practical ideas that I can use in my daily work. Thanks!Paula, Local Government Melbourne. November 2019

I feel empowered and equipped to better organise my work and my notes and be more productive in the process. Thanks.Laurie, Local Government, Melbourne. November 2019

OMG! This has been the single most useful training course I have EVER been on! – Rita, Local Government Melbourne, Sept 2019

Really looking forward to sharing what I have learnt. I will be encouraging other staff to complete this training. – Jodi,  Local Government, Melbourne. Sept 2019

Fabulous! This is great…I just need some time to play around and set it up correctly. Thanks so much. Sarah.  Local Government Melbourne. August 2019