Client Feedback – Personal Productivity Training

Hi Geoff, thanks for another great training session. I do appreciate your sessions and the follow up prompts. I’m gradually starting to implement the Task list in Outlook (from emails and Teams) –this is a gradual process. Since the One Note specific training I did with you in July or August, I’ve transitioned to almost 90% One Note taking- and refining my use of One Note all the time. It was so worthwhile to do the Productivity in the Modern Office training as a refresher to the One Note and reminder for many of the things learnt. Thank you! I feel like your knowledge has really helped with my productivity, getting organised and in turn helped to reduce some of my stress load. Katherine, Local Government, Melbourne. November 2021

Hi Geoff, I just wanted to give you some feedback on your fantastic advice in regard to using Microsoft To Do. I have used this App daily since your advice and also passed it on to other people within the organisation and friends who all say the same thing; “why have not I heard of this before and it has changed how organised and efficient I am!” I am currently using it to help write reports and updating progress on jobs, it is like having a secretary on the phone!!! Thank you.Matthew – Construction Supervisor, Local Government. March 2020

Thanks Geoff. I really enjoyed the training and your genuine , conversational style! This session was invaluable for me in discovering a number of tools I wasn’t aware off but will certainly now use! – Aishling, City of Greater Dandenong, Nov 2019

Geoff was a great facilitator. Really engaging and had a lot of great tips and tricks that were easy to implement.Laura, Local Government. November 2019

Geoff was engaging and kept the whole group focused for the whole day…not a small feat! Excellent tools that I will use. – Sylvia, City of Greater Dandenong, Nov 2019

I’m experiencing little pain with changing my ingrained habits and happy to report I am transitioning and have adopted the changes we made in the session. Not rewriting tasks to roll over to the following weeks on a note page has been a blessing. Each day is getting easier as I learn to trust the system keeping my tasks. Tiny changes are lasting and create big shifts long term. I am hot-desking or activity base working and finding these new changes are complimenting the space I work in. Keep feeding me the good stuff in bite sizes…. Daniella – Project Manager Local Government June 2018

Hello Geoff, I have started using the Task List as a “To Do” list. I created a task for this email to follow-up with you by the end of the week!  It is definitely working for me. I am coming to work with a clear mind almost every day, my backlog of emails is no longer causing me stress as I have no backlog. The email either:

  1. gets dealt with straight away if quick and easy,
  2. deleted if not relevant to me,
    stored in Outlook folder or notes (or OneNote) if I need for future reference,
  3. or converted to a task if protracted or needs attention later.

I have colour coded my emails so I can visually scan them and decide which ones I need to read first. By having my To Do list in front of me almost constantly, it causes me to do something about it. Either action the tasks or re-assess my due dates if I have been too ambitious. I’m also using the calendar to plan my days more effectively and not mindlessly accepting calendar invites.

I have to say this course is one of the best courses I’ve been on not relating to my uni/specialist studies. Thanks very much for the course, I am trying to get 2 of my staff onto your next visits to WA Police in April. – James… WA Police February 2018

Excellent! Very valuable information and strategies. Looking forward to the follow up. – Kelly – Kindergarten Director. May 2017

Hi Geoff,  I’m really enjoying using my task list.  Once I spent the time to set it up correctly, I’ve found it really simple and effective.  It was great to come away from training with a simple and effective action plan.Hayley,  Service Facilitator, Local Government Melbourne. March 2017

Hi Geoff,  thank you for a great workshop. It was thoroughly enjoyable and very practical. I have already begun to use many of the tips that you had given us but I know I have a some way to go with managing my workload and learning to say no. I haven’t quite set up outlook but I am using the Tasks function which has helped me enormously. Having a to do list that gives you reminders is a huge help and I am also colour coding meetings and things, using my calendar to really plan my day. The next step will be to automate entries using your guide to make it easier and quicker for me.  Thank you for all your help and guidance. It is truly appreciated. Blaga – Local Government Manager, Melbourne March 2017

Dear Geoff, your training was one of the best I have been to. I got a lot out of it and it has made a difference to the way I work. I save time and don’t waste energy unnecessarily. Thank you.  Colette – Consumer Affairs Victoria

“I recently contracted Lingford Consulting to run a Personal productivity Workshop for my senior staff members. The session was customised to fit to my requirements around personal productivity combined with the use of Microsoft tools facilitate better habits. The session was excellent and just what I was after. Geoff was able to engage the team for the full day session which is one of the most difficult challenges in training. The most pleasing result was the significant change in behaviour (for the better) that I have seen from the team since. We will definitely be having a follow up session.” –  Ryan Steel, WA State Manager – CSR Bradford. Sept 2016

Hi Geoff. Thank you once again for facilitating an exceptional training workshop that has improved my work space and organisational skills. – Susan- Anglicare Vic. Sept 2016

Hi Geoff, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the amazing workshop that you presented. Your simple ideas have already made a huge difference to not only my work environment, but home as well.  I have been practicing ‘not taking on the monkeys’. There has been a little resistance from the team, but I think that people are getting the idea to come to me with solutions as well as problems. This definitely was a huge issue for me, trying to ‘fix’ everything, but I am slowly becoming more assertive.

Finally, your best advice was the task list on outlook. This has been so useful, and I get such a sense of satisfaction marking off completed items. I admit that I do still have the odd red item, but I am certainly more organised at the beginning and end of the day. Once again, thank you so much, and I would highly recommend your workshop to anyone.  – Alison – A/Nurse Unit Manager, NSW Health. 2016

Hi Geoff, thanks for the fantastic workshop and follow-up emails. I’ve learnt so much and been able to utilise a lot of the tools and knowledge in my work and home life. –  Anita – Planning Support Officer,  Local Government 2016

Geoff, the Personal Productivity training has been extremely helpful. I am utilising your methodology and it is saving me a heap of time/ improving my productivity. Possibly the most useful training I have been involved in as a Team Leader.Glyn, Team Leader – Community Services 2016

Dear Geoff, I WISH I HAD DONE THIS YEARS AGO!!!!!!! Yes, I’m shouting it!! I love the concepts you delivered. The very next day I cleaned my desk up (and now regularly make time to keep it that way.) My “might need this” document tray is proving a big bonus! And yes I don’t generally need any of it after a week!My inbox has never been at such a low, manageable level. I used to come to work and fear opening it up, not only because of everything still sitting in there but also the wave of new stuff that has landed in the meantime. Now, it’s easy to manage, I’ve set up rules for regular stuff I want to read BUT when I want to read them and my head is much clearer to pay the attention to stuff I should be. Tasks are not being lost in a huge list of emails and I can clearly see what my workload from emails is.

I’ve spoken to and shared some of the concepts you delivered and even the uptake from the colleagues has been good! Again, if only I had known earlier in my career! Thanks again for the course. I personally implemented nearly everything you referred to and am reaping the rewards. – Kind Regards – Paul – Senior Seargent, WA Police 2016

Hi Geoff, the workshop was incredibly helpful. I have set up an electronic To Do list alongside my calendar, set up a filing system alongside my inbox and generally reordered my work-space. On a Friday afternoon I take 30 mins to ensure that I am organised for the following week… My calendar is entirely blocked out and colour coded. My colleagues have commented that I am the only person in the team that uses their calendar properly. I have gone from being the worst… to being the best at using my calendar.

I feel calmer than I have ever done at work. I have at least 20% more brain space and 20% more energy. I am consequently more positive and efficient with my clients and colleagues and they are giving me great feedback! I know I am doing my job better. It is like a positive snowball effect. I feel a bit sad that I am learning this stuff at 40…..but better late than never!  This organisational revolution has extended to my personal life. I now do a few extra things each night to prepare for the busy morning (2 kids) to come. I think about starting the day right and how I can get the most out of my day. I have done a clean out at home and ordered my wardrobe, reducing my stress even further. I feel calm, I feel Powerful, I feel great. Thank you Geoff…  you have improved my life !!!!  Janet – Anglicare Vic 2016

Hi Geoff, last week’s training was sooo helpful – thank you!  I’ve started using the Outlook Task List and already finding that it’s helping me keep track of everything in a way my ‘paper based’ lists couldn’t. The functionality that exists in Outlook is amazing, and I know I’m only scratching the surface of it.

I am dedicating time to prioritising my To Do list daily, which is helping direct me to where I should be starting after I finish a task – I’m feeling more focussed and clear about what I need to do. Blocking out bigger periods of time on my calendar for larger and important tasks (e.g. reports) is also helping.  I haven’t had time to implement some of the more time intensive tasks on my action plan (e.g. like re-organising paper-files), but I’m confident I’m going to get there. Haven’t experienced any more ‘2am brain reminders’ either! Thanks again. –  Siobhan – Anglicare, 2016

Hi GeoffAs far as progress with my personal productivity things are going extremely well for me. Since you helped me set up my Outlook I have been really surprised at the difference it has made (it shows how much time was lost searching for things and managing bits of paper!). I am so much more organised and just love the task bar!  I am making good use of my calendar it is the last thing I look at the end of my day and the first thing in the morning. I have also enjoyed reading your blogs – practical, easy to adopt suggestions. Once again many thanks for your support. Regards. – Melissa – NSW Health  –  2016

I have started my task list and updating it as and when required, which I am loving! My calendar now includes planning time and is colour categorised. I have turned off my email alerts and open outlook straight into the calendar, which has worked wonders for not allowing myself to be distracted. I have trimmed my emails down to just over one page (still working on this, aim to get to half a page by the end of the week). I am also resisting the urge to start multiple tasks at once, and find it is helping actually COMPLETE things quicker!. I am still using my single notebook, and keeping my desk nice and organised. Thank you for all the great advice, I am definitely noticing improvements already and will keep working towards a much more productive me! – Amy – Local Government

We have had great success using this program (Productivity with Directors and Executive Assistants) in our workplace. We wanted to give the CEO, Directors and their Executive Assistants time to reflect honestly on their working partnerships, their workplace systems and processes and their communication styles to see if there was anything that could be tweaked and improved. Whilst some participants were a little hesitant, upon review each ‘pair’ (Director and EA)  cited that they gained more than they honestly expected to. The workshop helped uncover a range of practical workplace system changes that could be implemented immediately improving their productivity. From a HR perspective the benefits were far greater. The opportunity for each team to have honest, facilitated conversations about the way their work impacts on the other has led to more honest and open communication and improved trust in the working relationship. I would strongly recommend this program to other organisations .  – Fiona – Manager People & Performance, Local Government

Hi Geoff, I think the single best piece of advice that I’ve implemented is switching off the new email notification/alert. I always thought that I successfully managed to ignore new emails if I was in the middle of something but I was very wrong and didn’t know how wrong I was until I actively switched them off. Such a small thing but I really do get so much more done now (instead of leaving it half done and completing it at another time) in a shorter period of time. This comes in especially handy when completing meeting minutes.
I’m also using the task list and have found that very helpful in keeping track of tasks instead of just relying on my memory. I have to say that I do feel more organised and I also feel as though what I have implemented so far is sustainable for the long run.Jackie – Anglicare

Dear Geoff, some feedback. I have turned off email notifications and I am so surprised how much I was using them to procrastinate! At first I found myself constantly navigating back to outlook to check if anything had come in. But now, I find myself looking at my calendar more. I feel like I am definitely more productive because every day since the course has just flown by! I appreciate you keeping in touch and for the extra articles. I just need to find more time to read them 🙂 –  Michelle – Local Government

Hi Geoff, I participated in the Personal Productivity workshop last year with you and just wanted to let you know what a difference implementing and practicing the strategies has made to the beginning of my university study for the year! We are a week and a half in, and I am ahead in my tasks and staying on top of the learning, contrasted with feeling unprepared and already being behind. – Anita – Community Services

Hi Geoff, my inbox is now at 20 items, from the 1700 where I started last Monday.  So liberating!  The task list and the new setup of Outlook works a treat. I have set aside a couple of times each day where staff can come see me and I can provide them with my undivided attention.  This is working really well and I have far fewer interruptions in my day.  I have been able to get through a project that has been sitting on my desk untouched since August.  Got through it in a day! Thanks again. – Robyn – Coordinator, Local Government

Geoff, I have just  redone done the survey. The changes that I have made are following on from the training include:

  • Now only 1 meeting note book
  • I have taken off the email alert
  • I have a filing rack
  • Trying not to be easily disturbed and trying to stay on priority tasks
  • I now try to handle emails only once – those that can be sorted quickly at the time
  • Waiting for more appropriate times to disturb others

Changes such as these – as well as the recent move to plan my work time every two week through spread sheet / electronic diary are making significant changes in my output and reducing my stress levels. Thanks. –  Darren – Local Government

Thanks Geoff, you are a terrific facilitator who made learning enjoyable and relaxed. You connect very well with people and left me wanting more. Thanks for enlightening me with some great tools to finally take control of my family and work life productivity,order and ability to plan effectively.Jason Coordinator in Local Government

Hi Geoff,  your day (Personal Productivity Training) , was one of the most useful presentations I have been to, in a long time, thank you! Roll back 3 months ago after any training, and I rarely responded, as I “didn’t have the time”, but now I know it is up to me. –  Ros , Nurse Manager

Overall I’m very pleased with the Workshop and recommend it for anyone else who might be treading water in the deep end of the disorganised pool. Thanks for your time and energies in helping me to accomplish this! – Stephen – Curtin University – Perth

I recently undertook ‘Improving your Personal Productivity’ with Geoff, about which I can’t speak highly enough. Geoff’s exercises and materials are firmly rooted in practicality. – Kate – Local Government

Like I said earlier, I am already finding there are great benefits to being more organized and I am really excited to see how much of an impact this has when I have been doing it long term. This is going to sound dramatic I know, but thank you so much for saving my professional career and my mind!  – Nannette – Housing Coordinator

Thanks Geoff. I have found the follow-ups valuable. Your strategy of the follow-ups should give you an edge with your competitors – John – Manager Department of Justice

Over the last few months the idea of just facing my workload and deadlines has on many occasions sent me into the foetal position but now I have a more positive approach and it has made life so much easier….my only regret is that I couldn’t take Drew home with me!  – Mary – Local Government – Perth

I attended Geoff’s session … and have been transformed as a result. … I have achieved much more control over my desk, my computer, my administration, and especially my work. This has been such a relief! I know it’s not rocket science, but after 25 years of fumbling in an administrative dark zone, to see how someone does this well is nothing short of revelatory…… Jane Waldock – Manager Local Government

It is not overstating it to say that the time I spent in the Personal Productivity Workshop has changed my work practices more than any other activity that I have ever undertaken. – Anne – Head Teacher at TAFE