Client Feedback – Productivity with MS Outlook & OneNote

Hi Geoff, I found your training really useful, with some immediate improvements such as:

  • Focusing on my Calendar to plan my day rather than my Inbox has helped me become more proactive/less reactive/more focused.
  • Using my Task list to help me prioritise (and update it regularly) and linking it with my Calendar
  • Using ‘search’ function to find emails in my sub folders, rather than constantly feeling guilty for not having time to tidy up my sub folders with all unimportant actioned emails that might be needed one day. 

Thanks again for all your support. Danijela – Hume City Council, July 2018

Thank you so much Geoff – I think you have changed my life. I came into your workshop feeling incredibly out of control with over 800 emails in my inbox. Tonight I’m going home with 9 – after I delete this one you just sent me!!!! I have saved the links in my reading box and have scheduled time next week to read them! OneNote is a game changer for me too – I hadn’t used it before and have since had a session with the guru here and am feeling completely in control. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I know we will see a lot more of you around council in the months to come. Leanne – Manager Local Government, June 2018

Really useful… this training will help me a lot in my work. Thanks so much! Karina –EPA Victoria, April 2018

Really fantastic training course Geoff. It should be compulsory for all Surface Pro Users! Hoping this training is rolled out to all staff in all regions. Megan – Team Leader Compliance Strategy and Support – EPA Victoria April 2018

Hi Geoff

Thanks again for delivering this training to my team. Personally I have found the training extremely helpful in managing my Outlook calendar and inbox. I have restructured the way my outlook appears with more focus on the task list, which is helping me manage workload much better than before. I am ‘living by’ the 4D process right now in terms of emails and am loving it!! Its allowing me to better manage the hundreds of emails I get in a day. The training you delivered has really changed the way I do things at work and I no longer feel ruled by my emails! – Emma – Regional Manager, EPA Victoria Sept 2017