Client Feedback – Personal Effectiveness Coaching

The Personal Effectiveness Coaching that I completed with Geoff Prior is by far the best and most effective personal development exercise that I have ever participated in. He helped me work through a very difficult time in my professional life that I am very grateful for. I really believe that he saved my relationship with my one up manager and gave me the tools to better manage my own team.  I rate his coaching 10/10! Peter – Senior Manager


Thanks to the Personal Effectiveness Coaching program, I feel much more confident that I am better prepared to deal with the challenges facing me this year in driving change in the workplace. I was always confident I could succeed but I am now much better at reassuring my superiors that I have things under control and that I am capable and willing to introduce wide reaching changes and improvements to our system. Gary – Coordinator in Local Government


“These (Personal Effectiveness Coaching) sessions have absolutely exceeded my expectations and have given me confidence in my management abilities and the inspiration to take control of my career and make change across all areas of my life.” Susan, Manager Local Government Melbourne