Team Productivity Training

Team productivity training to improve efficiency


The best improvements to productivity will always be achieved when you work together as a team. Our team productivity training is a powerful, interactive program that will help you manage your collective workload more effectively. 


The benefits of personal efficiency are multiplied when a team shares a consistent approach to managing their time and workflow. Rework and duplication are reduced, mutual understanding is increased and the frustrations of miscommunication are diminished.


Aligning personal and team priorities helps keep the focus on the most important things that need to be done. When each person is clear about their personal goals as well as the team’s overall goals, it’s far more likely that everyone will point their efforts in the same direction.


Team Productivity Training Outline

  • Productivity and technology
  • Understanding our personal and team priorities
  • Managing ever-increasing workloads
  • Managing multiple and sometimes conflicting priorities
  • Planning to be more productive
  • Delegating more effectively
  • Dealing with your ‘monkeys’
  • Communicating and managing expectations
  • Managing interruptions – a team approach
  • Consistent set up and use of Microsoft Outlook to improve team productivity
  • Manage your email more effectively within MS Outlook
  • Using your calendar as a planning tool
  • Personal and team task management using MS Outlook
  • Using Microsoft OneNote as a collaboration and sharing tool


Flexible content and delivery


Depending on your needs, our Team Productivity Training program can be run as a single one-day workshop or two half-day workshops. At the outset, we will sit down with the team leader/manager to discuss and agree the precise content based on the identified needs of the team.


Individual coaching follow-up


We strongly encourage the inclusion of individual follow-up in conjunction with this course so that we can work through any specific needs of each team member. These needs can be identified through the program and via the use of our online Team Productivity Training questionnaire.


Using Microsoft Outlook and OneNote


We find that significant productivity gains can be made when an entire team shares a consistent approach to managing their email, calendar, to-do lists and even note-taking. Where practicable, we can incorporate the use of these tools into our training, and encourage the use of laptops during the program.


Features of our Team Productivity Training


All our team productivity training programs include:

  • team productivity surveys before and after the program
  • a comprehensive training manual
  • a certificate of completion for all participants
  • one month of personalised follow-up contact via email.


We can customise our Team Productivity Training to meet the specific needs of your organisation. The course can be delivered in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth or anywhere else in Australia or New Zealand.