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Our Time Management Productivity Coaching program in Perth is designed for busy people who cannot afford a day away from the office. Or for those people who have already tried traditional time management training seminars and yet still struggle with implementing strategies that work for them.


Our Time Management Productivity Coaching is intended to help improve personal performance and effectiveness through a series of one-on-one coaching sessions. These sessions are focused entirely on helping our client develop more efficient and effective work habits in order to cope with ever increasing work commitments and stress. With our Time Management and Productivity Coaching program in Perth, clients will be coached in ways to help them make more productive and effective at what they do!


How it Works

We can set up a program with a fair degree of flexibility designing it carefully around the Clients specific needs and availability. The length of the Coaching Assignment can vary but is typically about 3 Months during which time there will be about 5 coaching sessions of between sixty to ninety minutes each.


The coaching is “on the job”, solutions focused” and centred on the client achieving success and personal growth in agreed areas. Coaching can help remove hidden barriers to improved performance. Under guidance, the Client will develop clear goals and action plans aimed at achieving immediate results.


Each participant receives their own Personal Productivity & Time Management Workbook which contains a comprehensive amount of information and strategies which they will work through in each session.


What is Covered

A range of topics are covered and these are applied to each person to suit their particular needs and situation:

  • Organising your paperwork or digital work
  • Managing Emails more effectively
  • Moving to an electronic Task Management system
  • Prioritising strategies for focusing on the most important tasks
  • Developing your Weekly Plan & Review System
  • Short term and long term planning
  • Managing your interruptions
  • Managing the expectations of others (Learning to say NO)
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Delegating more effectively
  • Managing stress
  • Using little known tools in MS Outlook or Lotus Notes to save time


Personal Productivity Skills Measured

At the start of the program, the participant completes an on-line Personal Productivity Questionnaire. This is then repeated at the end of the coaching program to determine the progress made.



For any coaching assignment to be successful, it is imperative that confidentiality between the Coach and the Coachee is respected at all times. Once this trust is broken, even if well intentioned, then the commitment to the process is difficult to maintain. Accordingly, we are fully committed to respecting the utmost confidentiality at all times. LCS will comply with the International Coach Federation’s code of ethical conduct at all times and will not divulge the detail of the coaching discussions with anybody else, without the express agreement of the Coach.


Contact us to discuss this program in more detail. Call 02 6056 8887 or email Drew Davies