Productivity with MS Outlook and OneNote

Productivity with MS Outlook and OneNote

Rate yourself on a scale of 0 to 5, with 5 being high and 0 denoting no knowledge or zero skill level.

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1.1My "In Box" is well organised and under control.
1.2I have created Email "Folders/Sub-Folders" and regularly file my messages when actioned?
1.3I can colour-code emails that I receive from certain people?
1.4I can easily find Emails that I need to respond to. (They do not get lost in my Inbox...)
1.5I am not distracted by emails that arrive in in my Inbox? I stay focussed?
1.6I use Email Flags as Follow Ups for important emails that I need to take action on? (Both for emails I receive or emails I send)
1.7I use Email Templates to save time when creating emails I regularly send.
1.8I know how to create new Tasks or Calendar Appointments from emails?
1.9I know the various “Send Options” available when sending emails. (Delivery Delay, Read Receipts etc.)
1.10I know how to use Instant Search or Advanced Search to find emails I need quickly.
Q1: Average Skill Level For This Section
2.1I make full use of “Tasks” – It is my primary “To Do List.
2.2I know how to navigate through the various Task Views to help me manage my tasks?
2.3I use the "Notes/Memo" area of Tasks to help me plan or take notes for my tasks?
2.4I know how to use Categories in Outlook to help me sort my Tasks into relevant areas.
2.5I am able to prioritise Tasks in my Task List?
2.6I can "Assign Tasks" to others using Tasks?
2.7I know how to create recurring tasks?
2.8I always put dates on my Tasks to make it easier for managing my list?
Q2: Average Skill Level For This Section
3.1I have set up and use OneNote to take meeting notes on my device/devices?
3.2I know how to create a new Notebook and organise my Notebooks?
3.3I am able to create new "sections" within my Notebooks and I have organised those sections well according to my needs?
3.4I can create new pages within each section?
3.5I know how to make full use of each page I create. (Insert documents, pictures, emails, spreadsheets etc)
3.6I am able to insert meeting details from Outlook into a new page so I have all the details from the Outlook meeting in my OneNote notes page?
3.7I know how to email my meeting notes directly to participants from OneNote?
3.8I can use or create and customise different page templates for each section?
Q3: Average Skill Level For This Section
4.1I make full use of the “To Do Bar?
4.2I know how to customise my To Do Bar so that it works effectively for me?
4.3I know how to create “New Tasks” from my To Do Bar?
4.4I know how to sort Tasks on my To Do Bar by Due Date?
4.5I know how to sort Tasks on my To Do Bar by Priority?
Q4: Average Skill Level For This Section
5.1I make full use of my Outlook Calendar to plan my day?
5.2I know how to use the available Calendar views as required?
5.3I can colour my calendar entries using Colour Categories or Automatic Formatting?
5.4I can set up "recurring" Meetings and Appointments?
5.5I know how to share my calendar with other users?
Q5: Average Skill Level For This Section
6.1I am familiar with the "Notes" function. I know where it is located and how it can be used to store certain types of information for me.
Q6: Average Skill Level For This Section
7.1I am able to set up various types of "Rules or Filters" to help me manage and sort my incoming emails?
7.2I know how to apply different "Filters" to help customise my Outlook views. (Especially Task Views)
Q7: Average Skill Level For This Section
8.1I know how to customise my various "Outlook Views" by adding or deleting Fields as necessary.
8.2I can insert attachments to my emails. I know more than one way to do this.
8.3I am aware of various "Keyboard Short-Cuts" that I could use to save time.
8.4I can use “Quick Steps” to automate many of the regular actions I take with emails
8.5I know how to copy my "Tasks" to my Calendar?
8.6I can set up and run the "Auto-Archive" function to help keep my PC functioning efficiently?
8.7I know how to use "Quick Parts" to automate the inserting blocks of text to save time?
8.8I know how to create and modify my “Email Signatures” for outgoing messages
Q8: Average Skill Level For This Section
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