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Productivity Training Programs

We have an extensive range of productivity training programs designed to improve the productivity of people and teams. Each of these programs can be customised to suit your particular organisation’s requirements.  Contact us to find out out more.

  • Personal Productivity Workshop

    • Our most popular productivity training program. We offer participants practical advice on how to plan and organise themselves around their priorities; how to manage their emails and their workload and then importantly, how to stay focused and achieve more.
    • In our personal productivity workshop, participants are supported by 4 weeks of email follow up post the training!

  • Productivity with Outlook Training

    • There are many little-known tools in Microsoft Outlook® that can be used to improve your productivity and help you manage your workload. Expect to be surprised at what you don’t know! We offer half day or full day programs, which can be customised to suit your particular requirements.
    • We can run our productivity with outlook training using all versions of MS Outlook.

  • Productivity using Microsoft OneNote

    • Are you wasting time handwriting meeting notes and then retyping later? Do you sometimes miss important tasks from your handwritten notes? Do you have a good system for capturing all your Innovative Ideas?
    • If so, then our Productivity using OneNote training program can save you valuable time and ensure you never miss another important task from your Notes again.

  • Leading Productive Meetings

    • Our Leading Productive Meetings training will increase the productivity and overall effectiveness of your meetings. Learn strategies to help you prepare for and run more productive and effective meetings which will in turn have a positive effect on the productivity of your team or organisation. Don’t waste any more time in meetings…make your meetings work.

  • Team Productivity Training

    • Our Team Productivity Training is a powerful and interactive way to improve the overall productivity and efficiency of your team. This is productivity training that is specifically aimed at an intact team. The advantage of working with the entire team is to ensure a consistent approach is used by all when managing their workload. This has many downstream productivity benefits.

  • Productivity Training – Directors and Executive Assistants

    • This innovative program has been developed to help improve the productivity of Executive Assistants when working with their bosses. It is aimed at helping them develop a more productive and effective working relationship. We don’t just work with the Executive Assistants, we also ask their bosses to be a part of this program! The results have typically been outstanding…

  • Productivity with Outlook & OneNote

    • Our Productivity using Microsoft Outlook and OneNote training program is a powerful way to improve your own productivity or that of your team by learning to use  Microsoft Outlook and OneNote together to manage your time more effectively. If you are trying to go more paperless, then this may just be the course for you.

  • Managing Email Training / Coaching

    • Our Email Training or Coaching program is designed to help people get their Email Inbox back under control and greatly reduce your stress in the process. We have a number of flexible delivery options. It can be delivered to a group or can be tailored to deliver as a coaching program for one person.

  • Using Email Effectively

    • Email can be too easily misused and have a negative effect on productivity. Used properly though, it can be a very effective communication tool.This training program designed to help organisations and their staff to start using email correctly. Learn to write better emails and communicate more effectively using this important communication tool.

  • Delegating More Effectively

    • Are you delegating effectively? Do you find yourself doing work that you know you should be delegating to others? Is it time to hone your delegating skills? Identify the reasons why you may not delegate as much as you should. Understand how delegating can be seen as a “Gift”. Discover the Top Ten Principles of delegating and learn strategies for caging your “Monkeys”. Learn a simple step by step process for delegating to others.