Productivity Training – Directors and Executive Assistants

Improve Productivity of Directors & EA’s


This innovative and unique program has been developed to help develop a more productive working relationship between CEO’s, Deputy Secretaries, Executive Directors, General Managers and their Executive Assistants(EA’s).


In fact anyone who has an Administrative Assistant they work closely with, will benefit from this program. Most senior executive’s understand that a good Executive Assistant can save them valuable time. However, ensuring there are agreed strategies for setting and maintaining common objectives and expectations are absolutely vital.


This program is typically run with the entire Executive Leadership team and their EA’s, though it can be modified to work with just a Director and their Executive Assistant if required.


The EA’s and Directors firstly undertake a customised Director/EA Productivity Questionnaire which will highlight opportunities for individual and collective improvement. They then work separately and finally jointly with the facilitator to develop an agreed action plan to improve the way they work together.



This a One Day session that starts out with the facilitator and EA’s exploring a range of ideas and strategies that they can use to become even more productive than they may already be. We explore such things as:

  • The role of an EA
  • How to become more organised and productive
  • Prioritising and Planning for effectiveness
  • Working with multiple managers
  • Setting and maintaining common objectives
  • Coping with stress
  • Taking initiative
  • Managing my Directors Calendar and Emails


At the end of this session, each EA will have a list of items both collectively and individually they would like to explore further with their Director.


The facilitator will then work separately with the Directors/General Managers to identify opportunities for improving productivity between themselves and their EA’s. Much of this is drawn out of the Productivity Questionnaire. We also explore such things as:

  • Delegating more effectively
  • Letting go
  • Setting and maintaining common objectives and expectations
  • Using Technology
  • Managing my email with my EA


In the final session, the Directors and EA’s will get together to develop collective and individual actions plans for improvement.



  • Director/EA Productivity Questionnaire
  • One Month of Follow Up by Facilitator


Key Outcomes

  • Improved clarity around roles and expectations of the EA
  • Identified opportunities for productivity improvement
  • Smarter use of technology to save time (eg. Using Outlook)
  • Increased trust between EA’s and Directors
  • Agreed strategies for setting and maintaining common objectives
  • Improved communication and common understanding
  • Improved Planning and Prioritising
  • Improved ability for EA’s to manage up, manage stress and take more initiative



We have had great success using this program in our workplace. We wanted to give the CEO, Directors and their Executive Assistants time to reflect honestly on their working partnerships, their workplace systems and processes and their communication styles to see if there was anything that could be tweaked and improved. Whilst some participants were a little hesitant, upon review each ‘pair’ (Director and EA)  cited that they gained more than they honestly expected to. The workshop helped uncover a range of practical workplace system changes that could be implemented immediately improving their productivity. From a HR perspective the benefits were far greater. The opportunity for each team to have honest, facilitated conversations about the way their work impacts on the other has led to more honest and open communication and improved trust in the working relationship. I would strongly recommend this program to other organisations . Fiona – Manager People & Performance, Local Government