Benchmarks 360

360 Degree Assessment and Feedback


Benchmarks is a valid and reliable 360-degree assessment tool from Center for Creative Leadership that offers experienced managers an in-depth look at their leadership development by assessing skills honed from a multitude of on-the-job leadership experiences.


Benchmarks also helps executives identify what lessons may still need to be learned, establishes what specific work experiences need to be sought out in order to develop critical skills for success and identifies possible problems that may stall their career.



  • 39 Page Benchmarks Report
  • Comprehensive Development Plan Guide
  • Individual Feedback Coaching
  • Access to LCS Coach during assignment


Why Use Benchmarks?


In Depth Feedback


Unlike other assessment tools, Benchmarks does not emphasise administrative or basic communication skills — innate characteristics that usually change little through the course of a lifetime. Instead, Benchmarks goes deeper to assess skills learned by engaging in critical experiences and certain qualities that are expressed in leadership behaviour. Additionally, Benchmarks assesses problems that may stall a career, helping an executive work on specific issues before his/her career is derailed.


In-depth Development

Development is not a one-time event but rather a long-term, continuous process. Because of this, each Benchmarks Feedback Report is accompanied by a Development Planning Guide. This guide helps your participating leader develop an effective strategy for change.


Easy to Understand

Benchmarks feedback is presented graphically as well as numerically — making it easy for your leader to assess areas of strength and areas in need of development.


Valid and Reliable

Benchmarks is based on years of research from the Center for Creative Leadership for with thousands of top executives located throughout the world. Their researchers continually assess Benchmarks to ensure that it is reliable and valid in our ever-changing world.



Benchmarks is now done on-line and can be used in a variety of situations:

  • For individual assessment, coaching and planning
  • To compliment an existing leadership development program
  • To enhance on-the-job development
  • To establish a profile of a specific group’s strengths and areas in need of development.


We can facilitate the use of Benchmarks 360 Feedback services in Albury Wodonga and Melbourne and related regions.


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