Effective Team Leadership

Effective Team Leadership Training


Do you have Supervisors or Team Leaders who would benefit from learning more about what is needed to become a more effective team leader?


Our Effective Team Leadership training is a highly practical leadership training program. It teaches team leaders/supervisors the essential skills they need to become more effective in their roles. Are people born with leadership skills? Sometimes perhaps, but we take the view that either way, leadership skills can be learned and further refined.

This training is aimed at new leaders or those aspiring to be leaders of teams. It will also suit those leaders and supervisors  who wish to fine tune their leadership skills in certain areas.

As the title implies, the focus here is on supervisors developing the necessary leadership skills that will in turn, help boost overall team performance.

We can customise this training program into a series of training modules that focus on one or on a number of relevant areas highlighted below. The content can be modified of course dependent upon client needs.


Available Training Modules

  • Leadership – Have a better understanding of the essential characteristics of good leadership
  • Motivating Staff – Be able to employ new strategies for motivating their staff
  • Communicating Effectively – Learn ways to communicate more effectively with their staff
  • Situational Leadership – Discover how to modify your leadership style according to staff needs
  • Delegating Effectively – Learn to delegate more effectively to their staff
  • The Manager as Coach – Understand and use the GROW Coaching model
  • Dealing with difficult people – Deal more effectively with difficult people
  • Managing Conflict – Understand their own conflict style be able to better manage conflict
  • Managing Performance – Be able to plan for and then execute effective performance discussions


Program Features

  • Comprehensive Effective Team Leadership training manuals
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Personal Development Action Plan
  • Access to the trainer during the training program
  • Optional 1-1 Follow Up Coaching available


Our Effective Team Leadership training course is  run as an In-House training program with the content and number of modules customised to suit your particular organisational needs. The training is delivered face to face by Geoff Prior.


If this sounds like it might suit your organisation, then contact us to discuss this program in more detail.


Call 02 6056 8887 or email Geoff Prior – gprior@lingfordconsulting.com.au